Our trip to Arizona, Randomness

Arizona… changes.. blech.

So we’ve been in Arizona a full week now and away from home almost 2 weeks. I miss my house, I miss my son and I miss my timezone. I’m kind of isolated right now because it’s 3 hrs later for all my friends and my author support groups.  I can’t post or chat with them. Even at my lunchtime they are heading home for the day and by the time I get home they are eating dinner and getting kids ready for bed and such.

It’s hot here but with a lack of humidity it doesn’t feel nearly as bad as the thermometer says it is. It’s the desert, hot during the day and cool at night. I’ve worn a jacket the past couple of days! There was snow north of us in the higher elevations. I still have little to no appetite.

They don’t have grass here, they throw gravel down everywhere and kill whatever tries to grow with chemicals. I have a grapefruit tree in my back yard and cactus too. There’s a weird bird living in one of the bushes that sounds like a kitten crying… and another bird that almost sounds like a cricket… it hides in the shade and complains then scurries out chasing bugs complaining the whole time. It catches the bug and complains and runs back into the shade still complaining.

They moved us into another house today since we are a short term rental they rented the other house to someone else for a longer term. We’re settled into the new place and we have a grill and a screened in back patio. It’s a bigger house but it’s for sale and now we have to deal with real estate agents showing the place while we’re here. *facepalm*

This house is bigger… newer and nicer but the appliances are old. The decor is geared towards someone in a wheelchair… cabinets are lower… and there’s a bench in the shower. I’m short so this works for me!

Hubby’s taking me out to dinner! Ttyl!

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