Alleys and Broken Dreams:

Writing in Arizona… FINALLY getting to chapter 8.

Dear Arizona;

I’ve been stagnant…and my well of creativity has dried up much like the desert that surrounds me. It is beautiful to look at, and not nearly as hot as I thought it would be and we’ve had rain a few times. It seems to refresh the landscape… how about some refreshment for me?

I think work stifles my creativity and I know the 3 hr time difference is kicking my butt.  This week I’ve managed to get a few words edited. I’m on Chapter 8 which means I’m halfway there. The problem is I’m waiting on my Beta Readers to send me back the books and I’ll have to do a butt load of editing to do then.

I need to get this book done so I can officially get it get it to Beta Readers and officially launch my books which I’ve never done… So please Arizona.. co-operate with me! I’m far from friends and family and I really need something to lift my spirits. You given me allergies and made my glands swell up and stolen my appetite.. I’m not complaining about the appetite you can keep that! My clothes fit better and I could be happy leaving another 20lbs buried in your arid sands.

Thank you….


PS. You also kinda owe me since I’ve been in pain since I got here and I miss my house and all that.

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