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Daily Post Prompt: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.”

Do I love to nap? You bet yer butt I do! I can sleep just about anywhere at any time… A good nap is amazing! You have to time it just right though. Too long and you waste too much of your day and maybe end up a little headachy and sick after… Too short and you feel groggy and grumpy.

Do I have trouble sleeping? Never used to but as I get older and get stress and hormonal changes happen I’m not sleeping very well. I tried some Melatonin and that ended up giving me even more trouble. It worked but then it worked too well and it ended up being a hormone and giving me a whole different set of problems. Think I need a new mattress..

I love sleeping for sooo many reasons… I love dreaming… I’ve always remembered my dreams, when I was a kid I was plagued by nightmares and dad started me writing by turning the nightmares into a story about something less scary. Since then I’ve always remembered them and wrote them down. Some have seemed to be prophetic, some therapeutic, some that wake me up giggling and I’ve had some where I wake up mad at hubby because he did something in my dream.. some I’ve woken up from with a profound sense of loss and sadness.

My favorite thing in the world is waking up and being warm and snug and stretching my feet under the blankets.. feeling the soft warmth against my legs. It’s just that much sweeter when I know I don’t have to get up. I can just lay there and enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing.

In short sleep is awesome…

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