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Daily Prompt: State of Your Year

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “State of Your Year.”

I’m a little late in responding to this Daily Post Prompt… but better late than never. So here goes: This year has not been kind to me and I started out so grateful that last year was over. I was optimistic and full of high hopes that THIS year would be different, but it seems to be more of SSDD… or SSDY.

Jan 3rd: ER visit.. leg pain and swelling… thought it was blood clot. Good news was no… it’s a strained muscle and they said I might have Fibromyalgia or something neurological issue.

Jan 9th Broke wrist

Jan 29th Lost my job

Feb 4th Kindle Died

Feb 17th My car broke down

March 7th My birthday

March 8th… I got a ticket for a tail light out $155  MERG!!!

March 27Lost a cousin to a heart attack

March 30th Lost an uncle to cancer

March 31st Lost another uncle…

April 29th.. Medical issues and long road trip to Arizona…. Cut off from friends and family and writing has come to a standstill

May 4th Started a new job… at least temporarily… future is unclear.

May 6th Sore throat, leg pains

May 10th… Spent first Mother’s Day away from my son. Hubby took me to dinner tho. 😀 and Dunkin’ Donuts 😀

May 17th.. went shopping! 😀

May 18th ER visit for Gall Bladder. Blood-work, bruises…

May 19th: I WANT TO GO HOME…. Arizona sucks.

Waiting to hear back from Carina Press on my story and waiting to see if my short story is accepted into a contest. I’m also waiting to hear if I can go home any time soon.. I know we’ll be moving soonish so even when I do get home it’ll be time to pack and all that. Fun fun….

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