Our trip to Arizona, Randomness

My weekend:

I am finally enjoying myself in Arizona! My friend Dana came down from Window Rock and we went out to Bingo and shopping and hung out. I bought some shirts at walmart… had to return them because they were the wrong size. I won $50 at Bingo so that was cool! I’ve been shopping around for a tablet.. not sure why I want one but I do.

Dana kept me out late… 3am my time but midnight locally. We were looking for a 24 pharmacy to get her asthma medicine. We got a little lost but found ourselves and made it home safely. We had a good time even if she wasn’t feeling well. Picked right up where we left off even though we haven’t seen each other in 4 yrs. I’ll post pics in a bit.

I met a lady from Bosnia.. at the wellness clinic. Her daughter had been bitten by a dog… on her stomach. Weird place for a bite… but it was human error not an animal attack. The girl was fine.. anyway they came over and immigrated after the war in 1996 and have been here since. I found her story very interesting and we were cutting up and being silly while waiting on Dana.

Dana brought me sage and a dragonfly pendent and some soap with a ring in it. I have to use the soap to get to the ring so I’ll have to wait a bit to find out what it looks like.

I got to eat real food finally. And Gall Bladder was on it’s best behavior.. Oh and we get to go home Saturday (I think!) and I’m very excited! Cannot wait! We’re going out to Mountain View Park and doing some exploring later… right now we’re hanging out on the couch. I might get to go to bingo again tonight… Dana may come back by for that… we’ll see.

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