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Mix tape of my life…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mix Tape.”

Ah… the memories I have and the songs that stir them!

As a child:

I Love a Rainy Night… Eddie Rabbit.  I love storms and remember watching lightening with my dad.

Turn Around.. unknown artist… Dad sang this song about a young girl growing up and it was MY song.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper.  Religious upbringing and overprotective dad made me feel like I was missing out.

Sweet Dreams are made of this- Eurythmics. Dreams have always been a big part of my life, nightmares. and meanings.

Holiday- Scorpions. Met hubby…. he introduced me to heavier music.

Always Somewhere… Scorpian… when I left for home after meeting hubby. while we were dating

Stand by Me…. the song on the radio when I left home.. Mom and Dad weren’t happy but they stood by me leaving

Papa don’t Preach- my friends were getting pregnant outside of wedlock.

Longer Than-  Walked down the aisle to the song at my wedding.

Daddy’s Hands- The Judds  It sums up everything about my dad and tears me up. He passed in 1994.

Waady-  unknown artist  The first bellydance song I performed on stage with a group.

Slow and Easy- Whitesnake.. just a sexy driving beat song.

Take this Job and Shove it- I’ve hated some of my jobs, this is appropriate.

Heaven’s on Fire- Kiss…. Sexy… first rock concert I attended.

Dream On- Aerosmith… because I dream of hitting it big as a writer.

The Dance- Robert Mirabal  just because I love native american music, culture… everything.

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