Our trip to Arizona, Randomness

More strange things about Arizona…

Well we’ve solved the mystery of where the children are! It turns out I’m in an age restricted area. You have to be 55 to live here, but they tell me according to law they have to allow a certain percentage of people under that age. They allow children to visit grandparents and whatnot, that explains why I haven’t seen any schools or children. Actually the count is up to 6 children in 4 weeks. It’s really really weird not to have young people around.

Also we’ve been wondering when trash day is…. we get up before everyone else and have not seen or heard a trash truck or seen a single trash can out on the curb. I was beginning to wonder if it was also magically teleported out of the city by the same kind of sorcery that keeps the children out. Get this! They BURY the trashcans in the front yard! That’s right you have a hatch you lift and drop your trash into and then the trash men comes and take it out of the ground! Isn’t that kind of cool?!

On a more sad note… I am not going home this weekend. 😦 I have to wait until the 3rd… I’m not happy. I’m ready to go home, I need to start packing, I want my bed. I want my house. I want to see my son. I have bills to pay… people to say goodbye to… my computer to get back to. A life to get started…

If we’re moving I want to get back and start getting ready for that. There’s so much to do and my son wants to move to texas… which means the last few weeks of him being at home with us I’m here in Arizona. He doesn’t drive and I’m sure food is running out. It’s hard to buy food to last a month for someone. I need to follow up with a Dr about my Gall Bladder and Pancreas… I also miss my friends and family the 3 hr difference is making things difficult.

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