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Going Home…. ….. soonish….

That’s right Arizona with yer hot dry self I’m OUTTA here! I’m leaving! Wednesday bright and early… I’m on a friggin’ plane headed home(ish). I can’t wait. I like the people I met, the work was nice… complicated and confusing at times and then shifted into dirty parts work that I didn’t like at all.. but it’s almost over.

By this time next week I will be sleeping in my own lumpy @ss uncomfortable bed… Β eating off my dishes… and all that good jazz! I’ll get to see my son again… get to see all the author swag I’ve won since I left and never got a chance to see. Downside to being home is immediately have to start packing and tagging inventory in the old warehouse… and I’ve got a wedding at the end of June to go to and I don’t know how on earth I can get it all done and write.

Big surprise writing will probably have to lose out… (story of my life right now seems like the universe is against me)

Another downside.. there’s nothing fun to do where I live… gone is the quick trip to the Walmart…. gone is the fast food… the convenience of living in a decent sized town.. no shopping… no bingo. Working in a hot warehouse in South Carolina in June is the pits! The humidity will be a killer..

But hey! I’ll be home and starting a new chapter in my life right? And mom wants to move to Florida too… so I’ll have someone to do stuff with eventually.

4 thoughts on “Going Home…. ….. soonish….”

    1. Arizona is neat.. the section I’m in.. very clean.. and they bury the trashcans in the front yard. You take your trash out and toss it into the buried trashcan and they take it out.

      I’ve never seen them do it, but today the trashcan was empty. πŸ˜€ Trash man elves. πŸ˜€

      It’s beautiful in it’s own way, gravel instead of grass, lots of smog and dust. Gets hot but doesn’t seem as bad as east coast because there’s no humidity.

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