Celebrate your weird. :D I do!

My normal ship sailed a long time and was promptly attacked by pirates. The attack was repelled and my ship struck out into completely unfamiliar waters but discovered some awesome treasures along the way. My ship ran into other weird ships out of the vast oceans of no man’s land and now we sail together and confound our enemies. My weirdlings are a fiercely loyal group and have each other’s backs. I wouldn’t trade my friends or my weirdness for all the buried treasures in all the world for they are all priceless!

Embrace your weirdness… write on my weird little writers! Our weirdness gives the normal (boring) people something to watch on TV or in a movie. Without us there would be no Ipad, no google translate… etc.

I for one, embrace my weirdness and I do not regret nor will I apologize for it. Thank you to my parents for passing on their weird little genes to me and infecting me with their strangeness and for instilling in me a love of reading. 😀

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