Our trip to Arizona

Two more days… Going home!

I’m so excited to finally be going home. Arizona is beautiful and there’s lots of stuff to do here and great to explore… but I am soooo ready to be back in my own home, my own bed… and then start packing and prepping for the move.

Yesterday we went exploring… I took pictures of lizards and street signs.. and a beautiful picturesque train trestle. I’ll post them later. We went to a historical town and took pictures of metal sculptures… and met some nice folks. They humored my excitement over the lizards and  the mouse and prairie dogs. And we saw a spider crossing sign.. can’t believe that!

Anyway today and tomorrow I work… then it’s a night in a hotel and going home… Cannot wait! We have too much stuff I’m having to ship some home… we expected to drive back so I’m leaving some stuff, tossing some ruined clothes.

I wanna go home! Yay! Very excited… time switch will be difficult again, but I’m up for the challenge. Time for work… then T-minus 1 day and counting!

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