Alleys and Broken Dreams:

Chapter 8… The dance begins

Dear Chapter 8

Today we see how you are going to behave. Will you be a PITA like your predecessors? Chapter 6 was so annoying I almost trashed it but I molded it into something useful after waging war with it. Chapter 7 was a worthy foe but it also fell into line. I hope you are seeing a pattern and agree to the changes I have in mind.

Do not fight me on this; I need to finish this book. People are waiting.. and they really want to read you but not as you are now. They want to read the best Chapter 8 that you can be! Let me help you become the best Chapter 8 you can be!

Okay…hopefully after this peptalk we are on the same page (hehe author pun!) and can achieve something awesome.So whaddya say Chapter 8? Are ya with me?  Hmmm stone cold silence.. I understand… let’s just see how this goes but be aware Chapter 8 I will shame you in public if you make a spectacle of yourself.

Let’s do this!

~Your Author.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 8… The dance begins”

  1. This is great, Kawanee. I was reading how a famous author used to roll on the floor in frustration over the next word he needed. It’s perfectly normal what you’re feeling. At least you’re not rolling on the floor. 😀 — Suzanne

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