First day back in the warehouse:

As far as getting back into the warehouse and the humidity and all that…. it was a good day. Nice cool humidity free day, nice breeze… It made the work easier to transition into instead of a hot sticky mess that was hard to work in. We even saw some deer in the back lot, met a stray mama dog. First part of the morning was sorting out the large amount of work that needs to be done and coming up with a plan to carry it out and do as much as we can before we get a crew and to have a plan of action for when they arrive. With proper planning we can get it done fairly quickly. I hope… it seems like there’s so much to do… both personally and professionally. A warehouse and a house to get packed… it’s a bit overwhelming.

We cleared all the grey shelves, took the parts down to the gas powered section, cleared up empty boxes and sorted out ones that can be used for packing for the new place. Put hydraulic fluid in the hand jacks, got filthy dirty…. my knees are black from being on the floor. Something bit my arm… keeping an eye on it… did some cleaning up. Took stock of what still needs to be done and what I can do… some of the work I won’t be able to help with… but I can clean up, I can inventory parts I can pack up and assign sections. I can move stuff with the hand jacks.

The water is back on in the warehouse, that makes it more palatable as well… it’s supposed to be a repeat of a beautiful day tomorrow. I hope to get the shelving sections taken apart for transport, clean up the little boxes and clear up the parts on the big shelves and pack them for transport tomorrow. Plan on doing the hot physical work in the morning while it’s cool and save the light clean up and writing packing lists for the end.

Gas powered parts aren’t a priority but getting them out of the way is. I think it’s all off the shelves and moved to the other end from the electric parts.

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