Home again! And greeted by my favorite thing…

I love thunderstorms and right now mother nature is welcoming me home with an amazing display of lightening and thunder. It was hot and humid today here only in the 70’s but I was sweating… weird when it was in the 100’s in AZ and wearing jeans and a tshirt comfortably.

The flight was bumpy and scary…  met some neat people on the plane. The grass is high, the battery on the car is dead…. there’s new and unexpected bills and my house smells stale and closed up. It is seriously in need of an airing out and deep clean. It’s hot here…

I am unpacked and threw clothes out that I didn’t need. I plan to start packing this weekend.. getting rid of stuff we don’t need… I’ve had to get groceries already but just a few for tonight. I was too tired to do much else.

I need to go outside and watch the storm and recharge my batteries. So far no big resurgence of appetite either. I guess today I had a yogurt, a little packet of pretzels and a cookie.. then a soft pretzel and finally for dinner a steak and salad.

I hope to get back to my writing now that I’m home again. Sort of took a vacation… of sorts.

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