Ugh Allergic reaction… to I dunno what.

I spent today cleaning my house.After all it has been nearly 6 wks since I did it last. I got rid of some things and cleaned a closet out. I’ve done the dishes, cleaned all the counters and did the laundry. I went and foraged for food at the local grocery store and did stuff. I feel a little accomplished today and my feet hurt.

A few minutes ago a red flush showed up on my neck and chest and it itches and now so does my back and stomach. The back of my neck and up into my hair. I have no idea what it is… since I’m not using any new cleaners or anything else. I was outside. Maybe it’s pollen? I dunno.. but I’m itchy now!

I had a nice day šŸ˜€ My story is live, I’m noshing on a turkey sandwich and Doritos and Coke Zero… Tomorrow I will reset the hot water heater so I can mop the floor.. apparently I used up all the hot water and flipped a circuit but it’s under the house and it’s dark and there are too many creepy crawlies down there for me to brave it after dark.

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