Is it raining with you?

I love the rain, it can bring relief from the heat on a summer day, it can be fun to play in and romantic. It can be cold and lonely. Rain brings life to plants and the world around us. It can bring floods and overwhelm the people and land it falls upon. It can be depressing or soothing and help you sleep at night. It is all in the way you look at it. Maybe it’s wild and windblown, filled with lightening

Then eventually it will end and the sun comes out; the birds sing; flowers bloom and rainbows appear. Into every life a little rain must fall but it will end… and things will get better.

So is it raining with you? Is there something bringing you relief? Something overwhelming? Remember that it will end, you will be replenished and grow. Happy Growing ya’ll…. I hope you are soothed and replenished… that rainbows fill your sky.

I don’t know why I felt like saying this… but hopefully whoever sees it gets what they need to from it. As for me… I’m in a dirty hot warehouse wishing for rain.

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