My blog is falling silent…

Sorry ya’ll I’ve been busting my butt in a warehouse in SC. It’s hot.. it’s humid… I’m tired… I’m bruised and scraped and probably dehydrated. This week looks like I’ll have almost 50 hrs. Mon: 8.5 hrs Tuesday: 10 hr day Wednesday a 12 hr day and another 8.5 today. and Friday should be another 8.5 or more. I’m thinking maybe going in early Sat.. and leaving before it gets hot. I guess it’ll depend on how much we get done tomorrow.

When I get home… I shower and soak in a hot bath. Maybe I eat.. maybe I don’t because I don’t feel up to it or cooking. Salads and cool foods are my friend when I get home. Carrots, salad… sunflower seeds or cashews.

Point is.. I have no energy to post, write.. think. I crashed hard sitting upright watching TV with a laptop open.

I’ll take this weekend to schedule some posts so I can keep things from getting too boring. Please bear with me.



PS: I need to get a manuscript accepted so I can quit my day job!

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