How I celebrate Good News, good times:

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Celebrate Good Times.”

Well the short answer is I smile and or laugh, but I have, on occasion, cried. I have also been known to dance around like an idiot and cackle maniacally and rub my hands together like an evil genius. I guess the complicated answer is it depends on the news, the occasion and what is called for.

When we won the trip to meet Shatner the initial reaction was: “No friggin’ way! A trip to Vegas and we get to meet William Captain the Freaking Kirk Shatner?” Wild whoop of joy and a smack on hubby’s shoulder, then wild giggles and some more no ways were liberally sprinkled in there.

When I found out that a company who had screwed me over had gone bankrupt I chortled heartily and called the owner of the company and pretended to be a potential large customer. When he answered I laughed at him. Yeah it wasn’t mature and yeah he hung up as soon as he knew it was me but it made me feel much better. I might have rubbed my hands together evilly and laughed myself silly for a few minutes thinking about the look on his face.

When hubby got me the most perfect gift for Christmas I cried… he got a hug and a kiss.

When the bad guy gets what is coming to him in a movie or when I’m plotting evilness and revenge upon evil-doers then there is a whole lot of different things that happen. I’ll giggle at my evilness and imagine their faces; I’ll clap my hands when I know I’ve got the whole thing put just the way I want it, or I’ll laugh at my inner amusement.

When I get a manuscript accepted by a publisher I will likely scream and stomp my feet and freak out. I promise I’ll let ya’ll know when it happens. 😀

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