Daily Post

6:00 am…. too damn early!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Golden Hour.”

6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

Let me tell you something about myself… I am SO not a morning person. I will grumble and drift off to sleep and I burrow under the covers and mumble threats at my husband when he wakes me up in the mornings. He gets up at the butt crack of dawn but knows better than to try and wake me up before 7 am for work.  So 6:00 AM is not my friend; if I’m up at that time in the morning it’s because I’m still up from the night before OR … it’s under duress and I’m not a happy camper.

There are two exceptions to this: The first was when I was living in Phoenix for six weeks. Because they don’t do Daylight savings Time and it’s a 2 hr time difference on top of that I was waking up at 4 am local time and no one died because of it. I was also tapping out and conking out in front of the television around 9 pm each night.  Hubby says I was happy and excited to be going home that morning too. He says I was talking to people and being charming; I must’ve been delirious because I don’t remember being that alert or congenial. 😛

The second is when I’m going somewhere exciting… and even then I will grumble some. Once I’m up and going I’m okay but it’s the gearing up that takes time for me to warm up. Coffee doesn’t help, only time does. Gradually I come alive and ascend from the depths of my sleepiness.

I just need time and 6 am is too damn early for me; hubby is a morning person and infuriatingly in a good mood in the mornings. I have thrown things and given him death stares many many times.

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