Some marketing input is needed…

Hi guys… and ladies…

I’m now part of a feedback group for printing and promotional materials. As Indie Authors I thought maybe I could voice our needs to this company and influence them to provide more resources. Bookmarks, bookcovers… and etc. If anyone has any ideas on marketing materials for Indie Authors I’d be happy to bring it up at the next chance.



8 thoughts on “Some marketing input is needed…”

  1. Bookmarks work well to give a special feel, also A1 or A2 sized posters for launches. Flyers work if you have bookshops & libraries where you can leave them.


  2. As an interviewer, I receive media kits all the time and generally bookmarks and postcards seem to be the tools of choice, however I would wonder if this is because that is what is expected. That being said I would imagine that something different would grab and hold my attention. One author actually designed a necklace and sent that to me. I would appreciate something business card size that perhaps has a quote or two from the book would be cool. I shall continue to ponder this, thank you for the opportunity to comment.


    1. fridge magnets might be good too. I’m trying to think of new items for authors to use instead of the usual. I don’t see a problem putting a line from a book on a business card but the problem is you’d have to buy so many with that one quote. maybe if you could get say: 100 cards with one quote or a teaser on it.. and then another set with another quote. Like a variety pack for different books.

      Good idea! Thanks.


  3. Is there a way to have your ebook available in more than one venue, say Amazon (which is where it is now)? If so, how does one go about it without going to great expense? I’m on a fixed income.


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