Presenting Special Guests-Jen Winters and Yuruch

Jen is amazing 😀 the best friend an author could have. 😀

Jessica Wren Fiction

Jen irwin

Hello, everyone. This is my friend, Jen Winters. She is the author of the Guardians series. In addition to being an accomplished author, she is also a married mother of two and co-admin for Author Promo Co-Op. She works very hard to keep a balanced life, which includes reading, writing, parenting, and promoting other authors! Let me tell you a bit about her books:

kissing demons

Kissing Demons is Book 1 of the series. Narrated by the kick-ass Guardian Geneva Archer, who, upon her natural death, was appointed by God the task of cleansing people’s auras when they are affected by evil and protecting the world from demonic attacks. One evening, she decided to have a drink at a hideaway bar for supernaturals, where she meets her soulmate, Alex Wolfe. The two begin a hot, steamy relationship. Unfortunately, Alex is the son of the demon Yuruch, who has been a thorn in Geneva’s side…

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2 thoughts on “Presenting Special Guests-Jen Winters and Yuruch”

  1. I will admit I am biased toward Jen Winters since she is my daughter, but, hers were the first PNR I ever read and I did enjoy reading her work, even the first unpublished draft. Now I’m intent upon exploring the works of other indie authors because of her.

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    1. Oohhhh Jen is AWESOME… you done good mom! I thought you might be related to her but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to assume. She’s so positive and enthusiastic. Helps other authors; I can’t say enough good things about her, like a good book I recommend her to all my friends. 😀 Her books are awesome too.

      Glad to have you following and enjoying my little blog. 😀 Welcome aboard.

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