Motivational Poster: Guys, Don’t Say This Shit

OMG… lol I can tell you what I’d do… lol…. *Kisses him* That’s for saving my life…. *Elbow to the nose* That’s for what you said. *Flounces off*

The Monster's Ink

Right after he rescued her from the bear, Jaime verified with Brienne that no one had raped her. This was his reply:

"Oh, good. I only rescue maidens." “Oh, good. I only rescue maidens.”

Which is pure nonsense, of course. Jaime doesn’t think a woman’s life is worth any less if she’s suffered a completed rape, or if she’s spread her legs for half his father’s army. But that was his idea of a cute joke after their little adventure in the bear pit. If he hadn’t just saved her life, Brienne might have back-handed him in the face.

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