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5 Techniques for Amazing Internal Dialogue

5 Techniques for Amazing Internal Dialogue.


There’s some good information here, nice quick read but good information to have. I see a lot of authors writing everything in first person POV, (which is fine even though I’m not a big fan) and they seem to either have too much internal or not enough, When they don’t have enough it’s usually because they have the character speaking everything.

I like a little mindspeak in my stories, it adds depth to the characters. There’s soo much we don’t say out loud but we sure think it and it’s a part of who we are. I think we tend to think of the person across from us as a blank slate, they don’t feel the way I do.

I’ve said something in anger that I didn’t mean and I remembered immediately that someone had done something similar to me before. I remember the splash of skin prickles that went over me and was soo sorry afterward.

Just knowing or adding that to a story adds so much. I LOVE internal dialogue… but not TOO much…  How do I know how much is too much?

“Heck if I know”…but I know it when I see it.

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