EXCERPT from Nwa Pante Rising. Hope you like it :)

SCENE: She’s a were panther and currently stuck in feline form. : * = telepathy 🙂 Enjoy! (I hope)

“You can trust me, or try to make a go of it on your own and take on the ESA. Frankly Miss Kitty, given tonight’s stellar performance I don’t like your odds.”

*Fine; but!* Shiloh followed him out into the light blinking as her eyes adjusted again. *If you call me Miss Kitty again and I’m going to make a mess of your pant leg.* Shiloh warned him, then realized how her threat could be misunderstood. “I- I meant I’ll shred your pant leg, n-not you know… pee on it or anything.*

“Well that’s a relief!” Turi’s laughter burst from him like a thunderclap. It was deep and masculine and made Shiloh’s stomach clench. “You’d have to catch me first and you couldn’t keep up with me.”

*Oh yeah?!* Shiloh wondered if they were still talking about a foot race or something else.  Either way she was game! Turi’s words smacked of a challenge, something she never backed away from. She’d grown up with four brothers and thanks to their endless ribbing she now had a deep need to prove herself. *Wanna race?* She knew her way through the neighborhood, he didn’t; that should even things out a bit. . *What’s the matter Turi? Scared of a little girl * She was pretty good at tweaking a male’s pride and added a couple of clucks in for good measure. Turi didn’t rise to the bait; he ignored her ribbing then walked away as if he were just out for a stroll. Shiloh scampered to catch up to him then followed along behind him taking advantage of her view. She smirked as inspiration struck in the form of a lone feather on the ground.

*Oh no!*  When Turi turned around to see what was wrong Shiloh flicked the feather towards him.  *I think you’re molting!*

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