What you get when you buy a book… so please review.


7 thoughts on “What you get when you buy a book… so please review.”

  1. On the surface this seems like a worthy idea, but it’s easier for those who are simply “readers,” consuming the products (books) of “writers.” But it’s more complicated for writers themselves, especially indies, especially when the books are by people they know, if only through blogs. Everyone has to set up their own protocols — positive reviews only, no reviews of books by close friends, or one’s frank opinions for all. It can be a test of skin-thickness and friendship.

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    1. even bad reviews serve a purpose, if all the reviews are friends and glowing reviews it’s a hollow victory, to get a bad review proves it’s not just friends and family.

      I’ll take a review from anyone. There’s advice in them and lessons to be learned if you’re paying attention.

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