A Question and a complaint: Please weigh in…

I won’t mention the author in the complaint because she is talented and I have no wish to besmirch her. This is a complaint as both a reader and a writer. 
I’ve recently read a very good bookLET… it’s only about 60 pages long. It’s well written but it’s a cliffhanger. Just when it gets to be amazing… it ends. 
The next 3 installments of the “series” are all $2.99 for a total of $9 if I want to continue. That irritates me. In a store most paperback books range from $4.99- 6.99.
This seems to be a trend however and I read an article basically encouraging it.  I hate this! It’s a sales gimmick. I feel like when the author is good enough they don’t need to resort to such tactics.

If it’s a matter of getting the story up there and doling it out as a work in progress I’m fine with that but price it accordingly. When it’s done do your readers a service, re-release it as a completed book at a fair price.
If you’re splitting up a completed manuscript into 4 parts just to gouge your reader and pad your pocket… that’s dirty pool. 

That being said, I wrote a cliffhanger but it didn’t start out that way. During the edits I threw a plot twist in at the end. It’s 200 pages long and priced at a modest $1.99. The next book will be the same.

The complaint section is over… now for the question:

How do you feel about this practice? Am I the only one who feels this way?


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