Author Tip… :)

From Indie Authors and Blogs on Facebook:

I need to do this; think I’ll try it this weekend. I am almost finished with a short story I’m working on so after that…. I’ll do this. It’s my plan but my plans often go wildly awry so we’ll see.



9 thoughts on “Author Tip… :)”

  1. Love the bio! Wish I had thought of that. Lol. Thanks so much for the tip. I will take this advice. Let me know when you’re published. I’m a fellow author. Just got rights back to my first novel and working on re-write to make it better.

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    1. I’ve got two Ebooks on Amazon now; I’m in the process of editing and will be doing an official book launch giveaway with other guest Indie Authors hopefully in the next month or two. The event will be on Facebook under Kawanee Hamilton; there will be free books and swag, signed coverart, t-shirts and more.

      Good luck on your writing career! Let me know when you’re done with your book, I always rate and review books I read. 🙂

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