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An update on using Grammarly…*amused*

Okay, so I’m having waaay too much fun with Grammarly now. They want me to upgrade, and they tell me when there are “advanced” issues with my grammar. But to do so, it costs money that I don’t have and don’t want to spend right now even if I did have it.

So here’s where I’m having fun…

I have started scanning my passages and looking for things that might need some fixing. When I think I find something suspect I try out my idea on how to fix it. (Thanks to their ever so helpful hints) If the little “advanced issue” goes away I know I’ve corrected it and don’t need the upgrade.

I’ve turned my battle of wills with Grammarly into a sort of search-a-word game. Sometimes I find them all and sometimes I’m content to get down to one or 2 issues. I figure it’s the best I can do and a publisher wouldn’t likely turn me down based on a minor mistake here and there. (I hope anyway)

So Thank you, to Grammarly for throwing down the gauntlet and making this fun. I look forward to my weekly insight on my writing. I kind of think of it as my “Level up report” on a Final Fantasy or some other RPG.


PS I didn’t run this through the program. πŸ˜›

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