Attn Authors on Amazon: regarding Author Page

I’m just finding out tonight that my author central page on Amazon does not show up in any other market except the US one. In order for readers to see your bio, or pics, or twitter/blog feeds you have to create a page in each market you are available in.

I have decided that since I am in 243 markets I am NOT about to go through each one and wait for them to send me a passcode to verify my identity. I am going to hit the big markets in a mass blitz and then filter the others in as I go.

Another interesting thing I just found out tonight: my books are not available in Canada even though I clearly checked it. I will have to get to the bottom of that as well.

The author who discovered this is working with Author Central to see if they can fix this or if they have a simpler way of doing things. I’ll keep you updated on her progress as I learn more about this.


You may want to go to each market and get the links to your books and post them in a single location for easy copy and pasting for when you’re providing links. If you are just posting your link to your US (or your country) amazon account, other countries will not see them. So it might be handy to post them as these blogs are worldwide.

I will be working to get the links for other countries and maybe post them in my bio or about me page. I don’t know how much help it’ll be or if it’ll generate sales, but it can’t hurt.




9 thoughts on “Attn Authors on Amazon: regarding Author Page”

    1. Hmmm Thank you, but when I checked last night it said my books weren’t available in Canada. The picture was there but under them it said: Not available for sale in your country.

      Maybe they fixed it? I don’t know. Thank you for letting me know about France and Germany I’ll be updating those today 🙂

      Thank you so much 🙂

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  1. I entered my information in, from what I gather, are the only “Amazons” with author pages – as Chris says, USA, UK, FR, Germany but didn’t bother with Japan as I was intimidated by the language barrier. I really wish there was just one Amazon ….

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    1. agreed…. I used google and it translates for me so I have done quite a few now.

      I am also bothered that all I keep seeing is the English version of my book. I’d like to see it IN Japanese or the other languages.


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