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Do what now? (An excerpt from Nwa Pante Rising)

Excerpt from Nwa Pante Rising:
By Kawanee Hamilton

“Shiloh, stop.” Turi groaned as, undeterred, Shiloh peppered his jaw with nips and open-mouthed kisses. She worked her way down his throat while her hands dropped down to the top button of his jeans. Out of respect for her father, he had to tell her before this went any further. He covered her hands with his preventing her from unbuttoning his jeans. “You’re in heat.”

“What?!”  Shiloh scrambled to her feet; she retreated with him following close behind her. His words were more effective than any cold shower ever could be. She buried her face in her hands while fervently wishing the earth would swallow her. That night, at the club, he was just being a tomcat drawn to someone he wouldn’t normally notice. I should’ve known something was wrong. I knew he was out of my league. She thought they’d both be slaves to their baser instincts and was envisioning housecats rolling around on the carpet mewling piteously. “Oh god!”

“Shiloh, stop. It’s not as bad as all that.” Turi chuckled. Her embarrassment and instinctive denial washed over him, and was followed by the awful realization that being in heat explained everything she’d been going through. Her thoughts bombarded him, detailing her insecurity and fear that she’d start falling into bed with any male around. Worse still, her dislike of being a Nwa Pante returned, this time, stronger than before. “Look at me.”


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