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Stop Stealing.. Shame on Amazon!

Shame on Amazon for allowing this! He makes a very good point. There is a FREE SAMPLE of the book; read it and if you don’t like it, then don’t freaking buy it! Amazon needs to change this policy.


6 thoughts on “Stop Stealing.. Shame on Amazon!”

  1. Interesting. There’s a lot of books I wish I could have returned after purchase but I didn’t know there was a return function. (They were terrible terrible books. Sometimes they had repeated words, like that last sentence I wrote.) I wonder, though… at least where you purchase something from someone’s store, they can set all sorts of roadblocks to you returning it, such as “you must mail it back using this expensive mail service to this address and you need to put the shipping box in another box with more padding because the shipping box was only meant for one use,” which essentially means a lot of legitimate returns don’t happen because of friction.

    But I suppose you can’t stop serial returners, can you? Amazon can and should consider someone’s sordid past in returning things before setting a limit, maybe a percentage of books purchased. 10%? 20% 5%? The more you buy, the more you can send back. Buy 10 books, send back one.

    And the free sample, that ought to be another limiter: If there’s 20% for free, then no returns, no chargebacks.

    Is this a problem for other authors? It’s kind of a first world author thing, in that most indy authors would be delighted that they made 150 sales of their book, ever.

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    1. I know I would be thrilled to sell that many but can you imagine spending the money? It’s gone and Amazon feels like you owe them a refund as well?

      If it’s not addressed and nipped in the bud it could be an epidemic of people scamming the system and screwing Indie Authors out of well deserved and hard earned royalties.

      With the advent of Ebooks, it’s easier than ever to just return it after reading it without costing the reader a cent.

      There should be a limit… if there’s someone to check formatting complaints, then there should be someone monitoring anyone with a large amount of returns.

      I guess maybe they are trying to get people to put their books in Createspace for a paperback format so it’s not as easy to return?


  2. I quite agree with every word. It is stealing. I’ve only had one returned, but it p*+^%d me off. It was a recipe book and I can see someone copying recipes they liked then sending the rest of the book back.

    No book store accepts book returns because you didn’t like it as far as I know.

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