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Interesting.. Revise vs. Edit Via writer’s circle

I’m revediting…. Doing both at the same time. Woot I’m finally multitasking!




10 thoughts on “Interesting.. Revise vs. Edit Via writer’s circle”

  1. I always think of revising as the big picture stuff–not just at the sentence level, but at the level of re-seeing (since that’s what “revision” means) the whole work. Entire scenes may get cut or added; a character’s arc might change; an ending might find a new landing site. For me, editing is the sentence/spelling/punctuation correction and refinement process.
    I know that “editors” in the publishing and writing business work at both levels. But I like the distinction because one is a lot harder than the other.
    As a teacher I found that persuading students to revise instead of just edit was next to impossible–and I think it’s incredibly hard for all of us to revise. It’s one thing to tinker with a sentence, but when you suddenly get feedback (or an inspiration) that upends your whole book–it sometimes takes a real kick in the pants to push you to that level. I’ve gotten that kick a couple of times with great results, but I wish, wish, wish I had gotten it (or responded to it) on a couple of other occasions.
    So I guess a really great editor (or beta-reader) is a superb kicker-in-the-pants. Unfortunately, we finally have to respond to the kick; we have to overcome our own resistance to revision. It’s hard!

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