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All right no one panic!! Amazon’s at it again… sorta.


by your friendly neighborhood Kawanee 🙂
There’s an email running around claiming that your reviews on “sensitive” materials are hidden. People are freaking out and running to change that because: We want our reviews to be seen, that’s why we leave them right?!

I checked it out myself and omg, there ARE some greyed out “hidden reviews”! That raised my eyebrows, so I went to the last thing I reviewed: A book called Gabriel’s Woman by Robin Schone. Apparently it’s considered erotica, not entirely sure why but I don’t care. I’m worried about my review being there. My review was there and visible! So what gives?

A) Don’t freak out! It’s okay, I promise!!
B) of course that’s why we leave them!
C) it’s true… to a degree. Please read D because it’s the most important one.
D) Your review IS greyed out there. This is your public profile. The review is only hidden from public viewing when someone looks at your profile to see what YOU’RE reading and reviewing. People like your boss, clergyman, mom, or teacher. Ya know, those people you might not want knowing that you reviewed: A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay (yes it’s a real book and ohmygod read the reviews if you need a good laugh so hard you cry moment) sex swing, butt plug, or anything else that might be “sensitive”.

If you are a teacher you might not want a student’s parent seeing that you reviewed a book called: How to Serve Teens… the modern woman’s  cookbook (That one isn’t real, as far as I know..) I’m just sayin’.

I REPEAT: The REVIEW itself IS visible under the authors’/product’s reviews. Just not visible in your profile list for other people to see. So, your “sins” aren’t all laid out in one place for people to judge you on like a smorgasbord. For me, I like to feed my audience small doses of my weirdness. It keeps them from developing an immunity and when I find out my weird doesn’t play well with someone else’s weird I can throw out a large enough glob of it to scare the other person back into whatever hole they crawled out of. 🙂

Now, if you don’t mind the public knowing about all of your reviews for all products, then by all means, change the setting. Rawk on, and let your freak flag fly!

You’re welcome,

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