March 7th.. my birthday. :)

I’ve had a really great day today. I slept in a little; my son made me strawberry pancakes with whipped cream for breakfast, and hubby came home for lunch bearing chocolate.

I had a ton of people on facebook wishing me a happy birthday. They are writers from all over the world I’ve met over the past year, friends, (new and old) and family. Usually, I spend my birthdays with my son and hubby. Today I shared it with a lot of other people, who, (even though they aren’t here and I’m not having a big party) have made me feel very connected to everyone even though I’ve got no family or friends here.

Thank you to everyone!

We move a lot due to my hubby’s career as a consultant and etc. that he does. The internet keeps me connected to all those friends I’ve made despite the moves. I still prefer face to face friendships, but when that isn’t an option, all I have to do is get the internet, and my friends are just a click away. (I love the internet.)

My son has been accepted into an education program and is  in line to get a scholarship (YAY!). Hubby bought me 3 sets of bookshelves and my son helped me put them together. I had a chocolate Genuche cake… omg soooooo delicious and rich I may just die of a chocolate overdose, but what a way to go? right?!

Today has been an exceptional day, one of those ones you don’t entirely trust.




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