I installed Grammarly and I love it. Sort of… mostly. Anyway, while fixing my book my critical errors are going down according to the program.

This is good! Right?  however the advanced errors are going up.. so

The problem is: the advanced errors are going up. I’m trying to console myself by believing that: at least, I’m making a better class of errors.

I think this is progress. Right?

~Your friendly neighborhood,


7 thoughts on “Progress?”

    1. I play a game with Grammarly. I take 1 paragraph at a time and remove one sentence at a time until I find the one that has an advanced error in it and I play with that sentence like cat does it’s catnip mouse.

      Is it time consuming? Can be, but it’s a game for me now. Sometimes I say screw it and leave them there. Grammarly likes to hate on some words like “back”.

      If I say Shiloh headed back to the car, or back inside. It’ll ding me. for unknown reasons. :S

      But I love it 🙂

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      1. Never though to test it like that!! But sometimes it picks up on colloquial phrases or speech that is right for a character so I’m not you bothered!!!


  1. I don’t care if my errors go up or down as long as they’re pointed out and I can correct them. I hate stress and I’m not giving in to it. What can they do, put me in grammar jail? 😀 — Suzanne


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