Excerpts, Nwa Pante Rising, The Enclave Series

An excerpt from Nwa Pante Rising:

Hello everyone,

I’m currently revising this book and hope to have an official launch within the next month or so.

A little set up.
1) Shiloh has just found out she isn’t fully human. She’s a Nwa Pante female in heat.
2) Turi is the Nwa Pante male that she had a one night stand with.
3) Nwa Pante= Were-Panther
4) When you see * followed by italics she is speaking telepathically because she’s not in human form right now.

Now.. on to the Excerpt. I hope you like it! 🙂

                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EXCERPT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“No Shiloh; I’m warning you. As I was saying: For your own safety as well as ours I can’t let you run around like that.” Turi raked his eyes down her body.

*That?Really?* Shiloh wrinkled her nose objecting to his insinuation that there was something wrong with the way she looked. *Like I’m three-day-old crap stuck on a shoe?*

“Stop fishing for compliments; you know what I meant.” Turi’s tone was mild but firm. “We’ve been working too hard on a way to introduce ourselves to the human population, without causing a panic. We’re running out of resources, if we don’t do something we’ll slowly die inside the Enclave. We want to, at least, make trade agreements and discuss possible immigration agreements if all goes well. If it doesn’t, we will integrate into this world on a larger scale and on our terms.”

*You mean invade. You’re prettying it up but that’s what you mean isn’t it?* Shiloh waited for him to confirm or deny her charge. He didn’t. *We’ll resist.* Turi gave her the stink eye. *You know what I meant.* Human or not, this was her world and no one was going to take it away from her. *You’re talking about starting a war.* 

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