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ReBlogged: The hard truth about book signings

This was entertaining and informative. 🙂


The (Hard) Truth About Book Signings

I had a friend, newly published, have her first book signing recently, at a major chain store. She came back so disappointed that it broke my heart. Yet her experience is not uncommon. So I want to share with you the harsh truth about in-store book signings.

Firstly, in-store signings are almost never the huge events you see from authors like Stephen King or Stephenie Meyer. If you are already a New York Times best-selling author, they might be very close. But if you’re a relatively new, mostly unheard of author, you shouldn’t expect those numbers. It’s the reason most publishers won’t send authors out on tours, because for the vast majority of authors, they aren’t cost effective.

Reality check, most authors sell between 5-12 books at an in-store event. This number can be higher if it’s in your hometown where all your friends and family live, or can be higher or lower depending on factors such as where they put you in the store, your genre, and other events happening that day. It has nothing to do with how good your book is or how you rate as an author. (Though a kick ass cover and table display always helps.)

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