Dictator: By Delbert Hitt

Some are better than others 😉

Dictator: by Delbert Hitt

Can one dictate how others act?
They think they’re great, but it’s not a fact.
They make a mess of their own life
They think, I guess, “You need some strife.

You’ll never learn without advice,
You’ll never earn, a roll of the dice.
My words are wise (they say) just wait and see.
As I advise, Be Just like Me.”

Life isn’t such, as you can teach.
There isn’t much that words will reach.
(When) the mind is closed to words aloud,
And, it’s supposed Words make a cloud.

A cloud around the central id,
Where cause is found to flip your lid.
So, I say now, Yes, me, the clod.
I make this vow, I swear to God.

I’ll make the most, of this, my life.
I’ll make this boast. I own my life!


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