I’m having a bad day. :(

I’m having a bad day… was up at 3 with lower back pain, took some medicines and applied Precise… about 4 something that finally did the trick, slept until 9:30. Got up and tore bed apart because one of the support slats had fallen, almost dropped the boxspring on my head. (son rescued me) finished with the bed started putting dishes up and broke my favorite mixing bowl 😦
I was barefoot, my son came and rescued me… brought shoes and helped clean up. Then told me to chill and stop trying to hurt myself, he took the trash out and told me to do SAFE cleaning.
*grumbles like putting up dishes isn’t SAFE cleaning*
Somehow I still managed to get glass in my foot… even with the shoes on, might’ve been stuck to bottom of my foot before the shoe went on. I’m hot and sweaty and I want a nice long hot bubble bath. And then to go back to bed.
This day can SUCK it… so far… although I guess things have turned out pretty well since I am concussion free and mostly unharmed by the breaking glass.
Omg is it only tuesday???? what the crap I thought it was wednesday. blurg.
I don’t want to do anything else today. I don’t wanna adult. 😦


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