Nwa Pante Rising, The Enclave Series

Another Excerpt: Nwa Pante Rising

SET-UP: Turi and Shiloh raced against each other their feline forms, Turi may or may not have cheated. It’s time to settle the score while teaching her skills she needs as a Nwa Pante.

Ready? Set. Go!

“All right, time for our rematch,” Turi announced. “If you make it to my house without me catching you, you win.”

*That’s not fair; I’m tired now.* Shiloh fixed him with a baleful glare. *And I don’t know where it is. How do I find it?*

 “You’ll find it, or I’ll catch you, and you’ll lose.” Turi met her gaze ignoring her objections. “I tell you what, I’ll even give you a head start. Now, stop whining, and run, Shiloh.”

*But prey runs.* Shiloh pointed out while scrambling to her feet. 

“Yes.” Turi grinned as he recalled her dream from last night. “It does.” Through their connection, he felt the stab of excitement that his words sent through her. He glanced down at his watch. “You’ve got five minutes.”

 *Wait!* Shiloh hesitated at the edge of the clearing. *What will I win?*

“Bragging rights, but don’t worry about it; you won’t win.” Turi flashed his teeth at her in the pale moonlight. When she pulled a face at him, he relented. “Alright, on the off chance that you do win: You get to name your prize.”

*Ohhhh; deal!* With that, Shiloh melted into the night.

Shiloh was headed in the right direction but she sounded like a herd of drunk rhinos charging through a field of bubble wrap. Turi grinned as he looked down at his watch. If she continued like that, it wouldn’t take him long to find her, no matter how far ahead she got.

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