10 words people need to stop using.


Some of my 100% agreed upon STOP using this:
Ummm are people even STILL using this first one? For real?




Example: “I am legit so annoyed right now.” “Legit” is pretty much becoming the new “literally” it seems, and it’s not an improvement at all. Please, just cut it out of your sentences; there will be no change in meaning without it.



Example: “Brah, that shirt is so swag.” I’m really not sure how swag ended up being a thing. I feel like it might have been one of those words that started out being used ironically and then people just started saying it without thinking. Soon enough it spiraled out of control and became a fixture in our popular vernacular. No matter how it was born, though, swag needs to die. Its only use now should be as a litmus test: if someone says this, run away fast.




Example: “Let’s go jump off a bridge! YOLO!” I’m sure Drake had no idea of the phenomenon he created when he unleashed this acronym on us. YOLO should be taken as a warning to make the most of your time, but the people who say it are probably using it to justify acts that will shorten their lives.



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