Nwa Pante Rising, The Enclave Series

Snippet from Nwa Pante Rising: :)

Shiloh has just passed off a hot male diner to a fellow waitress and is regretting it but Keith, the cook, has just put up an order to be picked up and is watching her. It’s too late to call her friend back.

By the way,
Thank you for taking the time to read the excerpts. Comment if you’d like, make suggestions or point out errors too!

And now on to the snippet:

“Damn!” Shiloh cursed her insecurity as Amy headed around the corner leaving her no choice but to tray the order. “Keep your apron on, I’m coming, dammit.”

Keith idolized Gordon Ramsey. While he wasn’t a bad cook, Keith was no Gordon Ramsey. Shiloh had told him so after she’d left food sitting a little too long once and Keith had made the mistake of calling her a donkey during a busy shift. While she didn’t want to serve her diners cold food either, Shiloh had not taken the insult well. After a brief but pointed discussion they now they had an understanding: Keith wouldn’t call her a donkey and she wouldn’t puree his naughty parts.

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