I love Fan mail…

I used to have a full-time job, but then I lost it. I loved my dealers, (well most of them anyway.)  I was looking for a post I’d made about inventing a new word “Poutrage” for anyone who’s interested.

And I found it on Goodreads, but somehow formatting between here and there is a bit, shall we say: a bit of a disappointment? Anyway so I fixed the errors and scrolled through to see if there were more. There was, but I came across this and I thought I’d reshare it.

Fan mail from one of my Dealers:


In my email today from one of my favorite dealerships:

Can I get a Title for my car. Pretty F*@(! Please???
LOL! Thanks Doll face.
Please advise
My response:

Geez… you kiss yo mama wif that mouth? I’ll see what I can F^@ing do 😉 in the meantime I need a Bill of Sale showing or it’s been traded in.. or something.


I think I love u.

I know…


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