I need help. (writing help)

Hello wordpressers, tweeters, and other social media type peoples!

Okay, sooo here’s my problem. I need to come up with a new term for a situation where a (usually) temporary bond occurs between two were’s after mating. More info needed? You got it.

An unattached female feline goes into heat and hooks up with an unattached male. Usually, it’s a physical action where no emotional bonds formed; it’s just nature taking it’s course. BUT on occasion, a male or female will imagine there is more to it… that it was meaningful, usually it wears off in a couple of hours or days.

I need some name suggestions for this false bonding. Maybe Mate Fever… or something like that.

The phrase/word should fit in this sentence:

“You dodged a bullet with that one, she had a raging case of _________ for you.” Dalton plopped onto the couch convinced he’d just saved his friend a truckload of trouble. “I let her down easy, explained _______ to her, offered my services for next time and sent her home.”

So, Whatcha got?



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