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World Development checklist:

Oooh I have a bunch of these covered in Nwa Pante Rising. 🙂 Weirdly I skipped religion.. and annual rituals. I think it’ll be okay, maybe I’ll develop something in the next book, or maybe the Magi have theirs. The Aphandians are animal based lifeforms, centaurs, weres and whatnot. The Magi or Empryrians are magic wielding humans and the Chronotechs are all techy, borgy types. Maybe they can be prone to OCD behaviors.



11 thoughts on “World Development checklist:”

    1. It can be.. if you’re world building. I’m going at it slowly. Introducing just the part that applies to the current novel and characters.

      More world will be revealed as the series goes on 🙂 I’m combining 3 very different cultures into one. Each culture/species has a distinct way of operating, way of thinking, preference for their environment.

      I imagine it’s like: Little China, Little Italy and or some other section of town.

      Only they cultures are driven by different means. Like you’ve got techs, your magic wielders and your animal based cultures. Tech’s like swishy tech type doors, they use holograms to create the same affect as a magic wielder would use Illusions, nanobots for healing instead of “innate ability”.

      The centaurs, nymphs and other nature/animal based culture would be earth friendly… wouldn’t trust humanoids.

      The techs won’t trust magic wielders because their tech can be stolen from them.

      Very complicated dynamics going on, but when survival is on the line, you band together. You learn to work together or you die.

      Extinction… is great motivation toward peace. (in most cases anyway)


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