Things that happen at my house

Unsupervised…. day 1 and 2:

Okay, so Hubby went to China on business I am officially unsupervised. This will be a chronicle of how I spend my time alone. I PLAN to make the most of it by focusing on revising and editing and writing. Now, plan is the operative word here because so far I’ve done very little; actually,that’s not true but it feels like I haven’t done anything because… hmm I’m not sure why. It just does. *shrug*

Okay so,

After dropping the hubster off at the airport and successfully navigating my way home without instructions because someone cleaned out the car and threw them away where I had them stashed in the center console anticipating needing them again. (Guilty party?Hubby.) Last thing hubby said before leaving was to our son: Take care of your mother.

We stopped at the store for food supplies before heading home hoping to not have to venture out into the cruel world for a few days. We decided pizza would be a good meal, we bought pepperoni and soda then headed home. We arrive only to find we have no cheese to make pizza, I honestly cannot remember what we ended up eating.

Mindless games on the facebook were played followed by some putzing around on twitter and waiting for hubby to call that he’d landed in LA. The boy stayed in his room chatting with his online friends while playing some multiplayer games and trash-talking. He ventured out to make sure I was still here then disappeared into the void again, I caught up on some reading.

Finally hubby calls, I inform him of my awesome navigation skills and report that we are safely home. The house is on lockdown, all porch lights are on, doors locked, AC holding steady at 76 and no one has touched the thermostat. It is midnight and all is well… then it’s bedtime for me.

Day 1 Monday:

Before the boy woke from his rough night of video game playing, I braved the mean streets and went to the store. While I was there I searched through the clearance section and found out why all that stuff was on clearance. Sorry guys but if you want my money for that crap, you must realize it is crap and adjust your prices accordingly.

More mindless gaming, some writing, and still no contact with the outside world. Sis asked for help with her book, but my week of free upgraded Grammarly is almost over. Sis signed up, I gained another week and agreed to help. Turns out she sorted the problem out herself and I went back to mindless game playing, twitter watching time wasting.

No food was cooked, it was forage for yourself or starve. My son broke down and made the homemade pizza himself. Crust and everything! It was good, made even better because I didn’t make it. No TV was watched and it all was quiet in my korner of the universe. Music was enjoyed, a walk in the yard produced blackberries and a few mosquito bites. There was no contact with the outside world, Hubby called to let me know he was getting on the plane and would be out of contact for 16 hrs. (omg… that has to suck to be stuck on a plane that long.) With terrorism being a thing now, I worry while he is gone.

Hubby was supposed to text me before getting on the plane. He did not.Color me unhappy.

Day 2: Tuesday

I started my day discovering that hubby had indeed texted me, but I did not get it until this morning. He’s forgiven, I texted him to let him know I got it today and hoped that he had a nice flight.

Around noon, he texted that he was safely in the hotel room he will call home for the next 3 weeks. After 13 hr layover and a 16 hr flight, he said he will talk to me tomorrow. The rest of the day is my own to fill with… mindless games and the inability to focus.

Housework was done, dishes, floors, bathrooms… everything got a scrubdown including me. Hubby would probably have liked to see that, but tough snack crackers! I have a process and it doesn’t involve witnesses. (talking about the housework here) I prefer him to think fairies clean the house and usually do an eh okay job of it.

Rather than revise my WIP’s I did battle with 2 wasp nests, watered my garden, pulled weeds from the patio, and attempted to clean gutters. I have come to the conclusion I need a ladder, I found a very interesting spider that has a face on it’s back. I had to do research to find out what kind of spider she is (yep a girl) she’s a crab orb weaver or something like that. I have the attention span of a 2 yr old hopped up on sugar and red bull and heard a song in my playlist that I didn’t remember the lyrics to, looked them up and found some new songs to add to my playlist.

Finally, contact with the outside. Mom called to tell me she would be calling me later. Goofy woman, I pointed out to her, that she is calling me NOW.. we might as well talk now. 30 minutes conversation ensued and I am not sure if she will be calling me back later or if our business is concluded. 2 friends have called as well.

Dinner was cooked, over which the boy and I discussed which day this was. Apparently hubby is the keeper of time as well as defender of the castle. House is on lockdown.  I need to be writing but instead I have decided to chronicle my boring days. Also, I’ve taken pictures of some dragonflies, a hawk and a gator, they were in the back yard. FYI, I will be staying away from the water as I am “snack sized” and there is no one to rescue me if a gator tries to get me.


PS. My son’s idea of taking care of his mother is to wake up around noon, come out of his room while scratching his head to make sure I’m alive. He makes visual confirmation, sometimes mumbles stuff at me then hugs me before retreating to his room to return later in search of food. I am grateful for the company mostly. 😛


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