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Unsupervised day 3 and 4 (I think)

Day 3:

It’s become clear that something needs to be done about the lizards. Apparently they have a sweet tooth; the little rats have been eating all my strawberries. I didn’t know that did that; I thought they ate bugs.

Speaking of bugs, we are being held captive. I’ve ventured out into the yard to do some gardening and maintenance and I’m now officially ate up with bites. Not sure what kind of bites, itchy ones and ones that hurt. This is our first late spring/ early summer here and we’ve learned important lessons. Florida is run and owned by the bloodthirsty McBitey Militia. Our bug overlords allowed us out of the house from late morning until noon. Before that, mosquitos who haven’t gone to bed yet attack, around 4pm it’s some kind of weird fly that is aggressive and mean. I can sit in the screened in porch and watch them bounce off the screens trying to get inside to bite me.

I’d forgive the lizards a few strawberries if they were even remotely doing their jobs. Could be they are simply overwhelmed and need reinforcements. I’m considering a bug-zapper.

The wasps have taken up residence in my downspout, I’m not worried too much. This weekend they’ll learn the folly of their ways. There’s a storm brewing in the Atlantic… they said it might be a tropical storm. Supposed to hit around here in the next couple of days. Mother Nature is pulling out all the stops.

Mother Nature is pulling out all the stops to remind me why I didn’t go outside…

To keep my strength up we eat well tonight: chicken breast and stuffing with gravy and corn.

Day 4: 

Supplies are dwindling, I must venture from the safety of the house. Butter, drinks, ground beef and bread are needed, and also a snack cake. I leave before the boy wakes up, while the sun holds the biting horde at bay. I forage at the local walmart then head for the dollar tree for cheap pots for my plants. I buy pop-up mesh laundry baskets to protect my berries from the marauding lizards and potato chips because….

Well, because potato chips that’s why!

Phone calls pour in, my mother, and a couple of friends check in to make sure I’m holding up okay. Dinner consists of homemade chicken strips and fries, the boy helps. He also made homemade potato chips.

Progress is being made on my book, the boy helped. He has declared the writing to be… good! He wants the villain to be relatable, charismatic and have more personality. As I read to him, he put a voice  to my evilness. My bad guy now has a bit of a southern draw and is more personable…  he’s evil and will make himself a thorn in everyone’s side throughout the series so he does need to be someone people remember him and sneer when they hear him talk.  I approve of the changes.

Last night my son thought it was raining. “It’s not raining,” I tell him. I was just outside on the screened in porch (cause that’s the only place that’s safe after dark). I was called in to investigate the sound, it did indeed sound like running water. Thinking there might be a water leaking from an outside faucet,  I crank the window open only to find the noise is actually the sound of small bug bodies clicking against each other as they swarm over the window pane.

He is horrified by the sheer number of them. “I wish I still thought it was rain…”

Me too, son…. me too.


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