Unsupervised day… ermm I forget.

Herros everybody,

On today’s episode of unsupervised, I learned something new! And better yet, useful. I managed to somehow get a sliver of some invisible pain causing thingy in my thumbhock. (It’s a new word, I do that.) Without being able to see said sliver I couldn’t find it to remove it, and it kept brushing things and hurting. After spending an unhealthy amount of time obsessing on the stupid thing, I decided to improvise and try some bush fix type stuff.

I’ve heard of using glue to pull splinters, but I didn’t have any. What I DO have, however, is one of those tubes of peeling facial masks. (I love peeling those off!) Anyway so I thought, eh, it’s worth a shot right? I took a lil dollop and pushed it around on my hand, and let it dry. After it dried, and I peeled it off and Voila!!! No more sticky ouchy invisible thingy in the thumbhock!

Hopefully ya’ll will never have to use this trick. I’ve found the glue trick is great on little kids. Gives them something fun to do and it’s pain free for those little splinters that you can’t seem to grab.

For those of you who did not know, today is national hamburger day and to celebrate this? We had tacos for dinner. And yay for the boy for cooking dinner, now if I could teach him to clean up his mess when he’s done, that’d be awesome.

I hung up my hummingbird feeder, and already had a couple of visitors. They didn’t stick around long enough to get pictures, but hopefully next time! Also, I love lizards (when they aren’t’ eating my strawberries) I’m listening to music and the goofy little things start doing some crazy push-ups and head bobbing. Sometimes they sync up to the music and it looks like they are dancing; it makes me giggle like a madwoman.

Oh for the love of frickin’ pete!! I keep forgetting to take my potassium! I get up to get it and get sidetracked and forget. In the middle of typing this I remembered again…

I’m off before I forget. Again… Poe-Tass-ee-um!!!


7 thoughts on “Unsupervised day… ermm I forget.”

    1. it doesn’t work does it? Spock would find trouble with the English teacher’s logic.

      I mean logically speaking how does will not become won’t? What word goes in front of the n’t means will?

      I’m sure there’s a word derivation or something that explains the thought process but I like my word! I think I should’ve had gotten credit for it.

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      1. I knew wont didn’t look right. lol
        Too tired to figure it out

        Someone else said to me today, “If clothes are clothing, why aren’t shoes shoething?’ which led me to the above, sort of. Probably won’t seem as funny tomorrow. Hey I spelled ‘won’t’ right. Just have to not think about it I guess.
        My fingers know better than I.

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