5 Reasons Why Manuscripts Get Rejected.

The Drunken Druid


1) Arrogance: Some authors believe their novel is the greatest thing since the Bible, and that it will be an automatic hit – followed by the movie rights. It’s important to have confidence in what you’ve written, but some can take it a little too far.

2) Self-Publishing:  Self-publishing is superb in allowing the first-time author to get their work out there.  However, when a book has already been published, the traditional publisher has to consider about how much time and money they’re willing to invest in a book which may have caused damage to the author’s reputation (if the book suffered from poor editing and/or presentation) or may have already run its course (in terms of sales). Self-publishing has become the headache of many a traditional publishers’ life. 

3) Presentation: More often than not your work won’t even be read if you are unaware of the publishing house’s guidelines…

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