An article on keeping your sanity when you’re an indie author


The Indie Author’s Guide to Sanity: 5 Survival Tips

Self and indie publishing is a difficult, time consuming process. Anyone who is a part of BookTrope’s latest hit (myself included) feels that very keenly. BookTrope’s ideas were wonderful, their model ground-breaking.

Here’s the thing about indie-publishing, though, it’s a risky heartbreaking business.

I’ve been at it for six years and the ups and downs have been frequent. I’ve been on full-to-the-gill panels at Sasquan and Norwescon about the publishing business, and every eager writer has the same desperation written on their face, in their poised pencils and pens. Their agony and hope are palpable. And I want to give them answers, which is why I do those panels. But, also, I want to give them realities. Here is the reality: this business is 90% the effort and time and money you put in.

Now, for those of you still here (I scared the weakest ones off with that paragraph), let’s talk about hands-on things I’ve done that have helped me either gain readers, media notice, sales or sanity.

Tip #1: Google That Shit

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