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Unsupervised! an update.. pt 1

Waves to everyone,

So this is what happened when I’m unsupervised… I forget to do stuff! Well, that’s not entirely true, I’ve just done other stuff. So I got the front yard mowed too, it was much easier to get done. I have to reclaim the yard once in a while, I ran the mower out of gas, and refilled it and went on my way.

When the weather forecast said: rain for 4 days straight I had to make a decision. Do I mow? Or do I dig the drainage ditch so the garage doesn’t flood when the tropical storm comes through? I figure.. mow! I can’t mow wet grass, but I CAN dig in the rain and stay mostly cool while doing that. So.. I mowed and I inhaled a few more bugs. I have to say, I proud of myself. In 90+ temps with 75% humidity, I didn’t die. 🙂

My son and I went to the store, bought a few groceries and a quart of sherbet. Ooooh yeah and on top of all this heat? The garbage disposal sprung a leak, it split down the side and water was all up under the cabinet. ERG!!! AND… AC went on the fritz Wednesday night… I wasn’t mowing or working in that kind of heat. Thursday the landlord came over and fixed the disposal… great and he gets a big thumbs up for that but unless it spun fast enough to put out a breeze that wasn’t going to help with the heat. The AC repairmen were booked solid (gee ya think it has anything to do with it being 94 degrees with 70+% humidity?) They couldn’t come fix it until Friday. Thursday we were so hot and miserable we went for a ride in the car with the AC on, went through a drive-thru and ate in the car before returning to the sweltering heat of the house.

Around 10 pm we were so desperate we went online and found some videos on youtube on making homemade cooling devices. So we experimented with ice and tried to make homemade air conditioners by putting the fan on a bucket of ice. I mean it was better than nothing and gave us something to do besides complain about the heat. (which we totally did) It wasn’t a total success nor was it a total failure either. I think our problem was we didn’t have styrofoam chests like the video suggested.

My son compensated by standing in front of the fridge with the freezer and fridge door open. I believe if he could have fit, he would have slept in there. As it was, he melted all the ice and heated up all the cold drinks we had inside. Thursday night we barely slept.. it was miserable. And with the windows open we were subjected to this… alll night.. well I had video with audio but I can’t upload it on a free account. It’s obnoxiously loud frog songs and whatever else night singing critters are out there, possibly alligators, definitely bugs.. probably some birds. My son describes it as the sound of madness. I uploaded it on my facebook page. I can provide a link to it if anyone is truly interested. 😛

First thing Friday morning, the repairman showed up and said it would take a few hours to cool off but we were fixed. It took 2 days to fully cool off and I’m not sure it’s working right, but we are not sweating so we are happy.

Friday I went out to do laundry and saw a man collapse from the heat. He fell on the sidewalk, cars stopped and came to help him; he was shaking and an ambulance was called. After doing the laundry I decided I wasn’t heating the house up again by cooking, and stopped for pizza. Now.. due to the heat I felt sick all day and went to bed hoping that a tropical storm would hit and cool everything off.

Which brings us to Saturday… and pictures, and part 2.


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